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SaaS for publishers is here: Headless React + Next.js Frontend Enabled via GraphQL API

Own your own data, increase revenue and audience, and eliminate tech debt

Illustration showing how the Organic Platform integrates with your website background image layer
Illustration showing how the Organic Platform integrates with your website foreground image layer

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Case In Point

My vision for Organic: utilize modern code & coding to make publishers’ days calmer and more consistently stress-free

Justin has led engineering and codebase development for companies like Salesforce, Constructive Media, Bob Vila, Domino, Nomi, Yellow Hammer Media Group, Buddy Media, and more. Organic exists because Justin has consistently remarked to himself during two plus decades in web publishing, “let’s build a better way.”

The Organic Platform restores data transparency and usability back to publishers via an intuitive user interface and API built on top of a modular codebase that’s free from tech debt. With seamless integrations into tech giants such Alphabet, Amazon, Atlassian, Meta, and more, my team and I have created software that’s truly for publishers, by publishers. By choosing Organic, creators can focus more of their time on creating amazing content — confidently knowing that their underlying technology is helping them generate audience and revenue growth more sustainably.
Justin DeMaris headshot
Justin DeMaris
CEO & Co-Founder

Our Platform Pillars

#1 - Own your own data
#1 - Own your own data

Organic's GraphQL APIs provide open, modular access for publishers to own and control their own data. Rather than operating in multiple 3rd-party silos, data aggregates real-time into a single, owned data warehouse. Publishers suffer through less spreadsheets and time spent solving for Google, Amazon, Meta, and others’ analytics. Instead, they can more easily make data-driven decisions around audience engagement and growing revenue.

#2 - Grow revenue. Never sacrifice audience.
#2 - Grow revenue. Never sacrifice audience.

Organic provides best-in-class design integration of high E-E-A-T content (i.e. authoring brand has large amount of  experience +  expertise +  authority +  trust) alongside non-intrusive, actually-helpful, revenue-generating elements. Publishers can grow their near-term revenue while always ensuring that audiences continue to revisit in the future.

#3 - Freedom from tech debt
#3 - Freedom from tech debt

Organic’s modern and streamlined codebase eliminates web engineering architectural waste, thereby drastically reducing the amount of rote editorial work and engineering wait times that publishers typically have to endure. The resulting outcome is dramatic improvement in the day-in-day-out and ongoing experience for both incoming site visitors and internal teammates.

We exist to solve media tech pain so you can again focus on creating content

Organic’s open and modular architecture seamlessly integrates data for content, authors, audiences, revenue, results, and more into one place so that publishers can more easily make decisions that drive sustainable growth.

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Case In Point

"The Organic Platform lets us skip a bunch of steps — and really, really focus on the user."

Greg Allen founded First + Third in 2012 after finding and earning success at Demand Media, Reality Tracker, and graduating from USC with a degree in engineering.  Watch Greg Allen's video interview.

The user experience is what makes publisher businesses successful. Site’s have to be unique, right? So, with Organic we don’t have to think about caching. We don’t have to think about routing. We don’t have to think about how things were structured. We could literally just focus on the user experience, and that was the point. The fun part for me is designing what the users land on, get to use, and interact with — working with Organic we could just focus on user experience as the technology removes all of the Devops stuff that normally takes up so much of our time.
Greg Allen headshot
Greg Allen
CEO & Founder
First + Third

Organic Seed Program
Sustainable Growth, Sooner
  • Full platform access and direct engineering relationships.
  • Exclusive use of alpha and beta products live only with select publishers.
  • Ongoing consultations with sustainable growth experts partnered with other leading publishers.