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Publisher-first SaaS for sustainable audience and revenue growth

At Organic, we believe three things: 1) publishers should own their own data; 2) publishers should have access to modern software tools that eliminate technical debt; 3) increasing revenue should grow a publisher's audience long-term

Illustration showing how the Organic Platform integrates with your website background image layer
Illustration showing how the Organic Platform integrates with your website foreground image layer

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Case In Point

“My goal with the Organic Platform is to make publishers’ days more stress free.

Justin, a-coded-since-teenagehood, Salesforce-experienced SaaS web engineer, knows publisher tech plight as well as anyone. The Organic Platform exists because of his experience personally servicing expert publishers including PopSci, Bob Vila, The Drive, Domino, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, and many others, and remarking to himself “there’s definitely a better way.”

Using Organic, publishers can again focus their time to create amazing content. My team of engineers and I are dedicating all our time to building tools for publishers, by publishers — software that's accessed via an intuitive user interface, built on top of a rock-solid, modern codebase, which restores digital data ownership and transparency back to publishers.
Justin DeMaris headshot
Justin DeMaris
CTO, Organic

Our Platform Pillars

Own your own data
Own your own data

Organic's GraphQL APIs provide open access for publishers to own and control their own data. Instead of in silos, data aggregates real-time into a single, owned warehouse. Instead of suffering with Google, Amazon, Meta, and others, make data-driven decisions around audience engagement, and increasing revenue.

Eliminate technical debt
Eliminate technical debt

A modern, streamlined codebase eliminates architectural complexity and drastically reduces the amount of engineering burden that publishers typically endure. The result is that external audience and internal teamates see a dramatically improved day-to-day experience.

Increase revenue without sacrificing audience
Increase revenue without sacrificing audience

Organic provides best-in-class design integration of high EAT content alongside non-intrusive, actually-helpful revenue-generating elements. Publishers can grow their near-term revenue while still ensuring that audiences continue to revisit in the future.

Stop Suffering Through the
Media Tech Ecosystem

Organic's open architecture provides seamless integration of content, audience, revenue, and results data to enhance publishers' ability to make sustainable decisions around growth.
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Organic Seed — For Sustainable Growth, Sooner

Full platform access and direct engineering relationships.
Exclusive use of alpha and beta products live only with select publishers.
Ongoing consults with sustainable growth experts partnered with other leading publishers.