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Mind-blowing Organic Analytics

Content and revenue website traffic insights: in one place

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Trusted to power 100M+ pageviews per month across diverse high-traffic sites

Actionable  Website Traffic Insights

Organic unites all content, revenue, and performance data into one beautiful dashboard. Pinpoint your best content, categories, authors, and invest more in what’s profitable.
At your fingertips
  • Identify which content earns the most
  • Track author performance over time
  • Analyze historical trends—compare to past history
My friends, illumination
  • Identify content types that generate the most traffic
  • Measure ad and affiliate revenue on a per-article basis
  • Pinpoint under-monetized content
  • Sort by reading time, word count, reading comp, revenue
  • Visualize outliers generating more money on fewer views
Teamwork is dreamwork
  • Visualize team and individual publishing frequency
  • Snapshot editorial team’s overall performance
  • Sort authors by views, revenue, word count, reading comp
  • Visualize outliers where authors earn more in less views
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  • Verify which authors write at the ideal reading level
  • View instantly the top 10 earning articles and authors
  • Measure ROI for a new author getting ramped up

How Organic Analytics works:


Connect Google Analytics

Use a different analytics tool? No problem. We'll work with you to support your analytics tool of choice.

Install the Organic WordPress plugin

Don't use WordPress? Connect with us and tell us about your CMS so we can get you started.

Connect revenue sources

If you’re already using Organic Ads or Organic Affiliate, your revenue will appear automatically. If you aren’t, contact us so we can discuss how we can integrate your revenue sources.
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