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We're a mix of media and software builders who understand the challenges and pain points of publishing good content for a living—and are building tomorrow's platform for creators, today.

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Our origin story

rganic was born out of necessity. Our founders, successful silicon valley alums and east coast developers now working in media, were tired of seeing the same challenges over and over again across the publishing technology landscape. Fragmented platforms and tools were cobbled together through custom integrations and plugins. Tools purported to ease this challenge were difficult to use, expensive, and lacked practical sophistication. Stitching all this together invariably siloed data, inhibiting insights and action. This all seemed overly complex and only the largest publishers had access to the proper resources to address it. Why did it have to be so difficult to operate a media publishing business?

They recognized that this issue wasn’t simply their own, so they built a platform that would eliminate these problems, and unify critical publisher business needs – content creation and management, reporting and analytics, audience growth and management, monetization—into a single place. A platform for publishers and creators that’s intuitive, well designed, and comprehensive—championing great content above all else, and rewarding those that created it.

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Organic is quickly becoming the SaaS technology solution for publishing aspirations of all sizes. Our technology powers sites that see over 60M+ unique visitors per month across more than 24 brands. Well funded by amazing investors that span the media industry, we're a virtual-first, distributed crew with offices in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Miami, and San Diego.

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Matt Sechrest profile picture

Matt Sechrest

Founder & Board Chair
Param Desai profile picture

Param Desai

Chief Operating Officer
Chris Rhodes profile picture

Chris Rhodes

VP, Design & Product Strategy
Justin DeMaris profile picture

Justin DeMaris

Chief Technology Officer
Tom Imboden profile picture

Tom Imboden

Head of Sales
Zach Levine profile picture

Zach Levine

VP, Product
Dayne Jones profile picture

Dayne Jones

VP, Product Engineering
Amy Schellenbaum profile picture

Amy Schellenbaum

Senior Director of Product Management
Madison Bond profile picture

Madison Bond

Head of HR & Recruiting
Kendra Gauntlett profile picture

Kendra Gauntlett

Director of Customer Success
Caitlin Castelaz profile picture

Caitlin Castelaz

Senior Product Manager
Antoine Gaulupeau profile picture

Antoine Gaulupeau

Principal Product Manager

Mark Downing

Product Manager
Aaron Segal profile picture

Aaron Segal

Associate Product Manager
Ron Johnson profile picture

Ron Johnson

Sales Development Representative
Jayce Basques profile picture

Jayce Basques

Senior Program Manager
Christina Hughes profile picture

Christina Hughes

Program Manager
Erin Thompson profile picture

Erin Thompson

IT Administrator
Gabriel Ramirez profile picture

Gabriel Ramirez

Creative Director
Tag Hartman-Simkins profile picture

Tag Hartman-Simkins

Design Director
Russ Smith profile picture

Russ Smith

Design Director
John Egan profile picture

John Egan

Lead Product Designer
Rafael Hidalgo profile picture

Rafael Hidalgo

Product Designer
Adrian Prieto profile picture

Adrian Prieto

Lead Software Engineer
Ryan Dial profile picture

Ryan Dial

Lead Software Engineer
Tony Stanhope profile picture

Tony Stanhope

Lead Software Engineer
Karina Zeng profile picture

Karina Zeng

Machine Learning Engineer
Nitish Mudgal profile picture

Nitish Mudgal

Senior Software Engineer
Bruce Martin profile picture

Bruce Martin

Software Architect
Lauren Manley profile picture

Lauren Manley

UX Engineer
Austin Mittman profile picture

Austin Mittman

UX Engineer
Stefan Trinh profile picture

Stefan Trinh

UX Engineer
Shane Kramer profile picture

Shane Kramer

Software Engineer
Joshua Trusty profile picture

Joshua Trusty

Software Engineer
Petr Mitsel profile picture

Petr Mitsel

Software Engineer
Christopher Bisom profile picture

Christopher Bisom

Software Engineer
Neha Nomula profile picture

Neha Nomula

Software Engineer
Payam Honarpisheh profile picture

Payam Honarpisheh

Lead Data Analyst
Drew Kariolic profile picture

Drew Kariolic

Software Engineer
Karen Wen profile picture

Karen Wen

Software Engineer
Lauren Pappas profile picture

Lauren Pappas

Software Engineer
Kunal Mittal profile picture

Kunal Mittal

Software Engineering Intern
Arthur Register profile picture

Arthur Register

Software Engineering Intern
Rutuja Haridas profile picture

Rutuja Haridas

Software Engineering Intern
Oliver Wu profile picture

Oliver Wu

Software Engineering Intern
Parth Patel profile picture

Parth Patel

Software Engineering Intern
Ishita Abrol profile picture

Ishita Abrol

Software Engineering Intern
Dhyey Patel profile picture

Dhyey Patel

Software Engineering Intern


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