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Organic Content Management

Finally, a system for better business and happier editors

Organic Content enables editors to sustainably improve SEO, grow audience, earn more revenue, and create cool content.

With Organic's modern codebase, creators can build beautiful experiences for endemic audiences, while confidently optimizing for organic traffic, advertising, and affiliate revenue.

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Expert Publishers Use Organic

Case Study

When using Organic Content, I don't ever worry about going into the back end of a long article and having it crash or get deleted.

Rob Verger has more than a decade of experience in journalism. Before joining Popular Science, he spent several years on staff at Newsweek and The Daily Beast, where he focused on international topics; he has also freelanced for publications such as The Boston Globe.

I am deeply involved in the CMS in the sense that I use it every day, multiple times a day. As journalists know, the only way to get content out there in the world is through a CMS—and so I am “knee deep” in the CMS all the time. As I have worked with a lot of CMS’s, I would say that the CMS we're using right now [at Popular Science] is the best that I've seen. Organic Content is easy to use, it feels stable, and it’s intuitive and quick, which is nice when I need to get a story up as quickly as possible.
Rob Verger headshot
Rob Verger
Technology Editor
Popular Science

We designed Organic Content to be a management system that unlocks what’s best for editors: sustainable, organic growth & earned revenue.

Increase Traffic With SEO-Enabled Blocks and Features

Out-of-the-box, pre-built integrations ensure that your content appears in more search results, and higher.
  • React frontend not only means easy redesigns, but also faster site load times and better Core Web Vitals and Lighthouse scores.
  • Web Schema maps out valuable content for Google’s crawlers, with dedicated blocks specific to article type, e.g. FAQ, How-To, News, Recipe, and more.
  • E-E-A-T boosters like trust badges, custom byline support, and extended author bios show Google your domain has authority and expertise.

...and more

Easily publish your optimized content to preferred syndication platforms, and expand your audience now.

Syndication controls and capabilities for: Apple News, Flipboard, Smartnews, NewsBreak, Google News, RSS, and more.

Ironclad DevOps & Data Management

Journalists know the power of analysis and monitoring. Organic Content’s management system provides publishers with a sophisticated network of alerts and data tools, including Sentry alerts, DataDog monitors, AWS CloudWatch logs, and Google BigQuery for serverless data warehousing.

Generate evergreen traffic via data driven-decision making

Easily pull and configure reports to understand and unlock the trends that are most likely to generate sustained audience and revenue growth in the present and future.
Domino's Great Lime Green Experiment: SEO & editorial together identified growing search demand for “lime green paint” and increased traffic and revenue by publishing smart takes on how to integrate that trend into thoughtful design.
best-content-management-system-growth-creates-evergreen-traffic-and-increased-conversion-to-revenue - Domino article on lime green kitchen

Discover actionable insights

Content traffic and monetization analytics paint a comprehensive picture of revenue (e.g. programmatic, direct, affiliate), which publishers can then sort by associated fields including article URL, content category, author, and content type.

Headless React & Next.js frontend enabled via GraphQL API

The headless React frontend boosts page performance, integrating well with:
  • SEO
  • AMP
  • Gutenberg blocks
  • JWT authentication
  • Gravity Forms
  • Schema
  • Advanced custom fields
  • CORS headers
  • Pagination

In addition, the React frontend integrates seamlessly with monetization partners like Skimlinks, Trackonomics, Connatix, and more.

Expert Guidance to Grow Your Content & Business

Our experienced Customer Success team works tirelessly alongside our publisher partners to drive more success.

Evergreen Consulting
Evergreen Consulting

Learn how to map Google Search trends to content creation and website taxonomy, and thus earn traffic for free via Google's 246MM+ monthly active U.S. users (nb: there are ~100 billion monthly searches in the U.S. alone).

Adaptable On-boarding
Adaptable On-boarding

On one end of the spectrum, you can use Organic Content via a WordPress plugin without changing any code. On the other, we can fully integrate all website components for a faster and easier web development.

Performance Recommendations
Performance Recommendations

Get expert analysis and domain-relevant perspectives on how to continue to maximize your content management system investment.

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Earn 10%-30% more revenue
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Increase RPM, CPM, RPS, and more with easy-to-use programmatic tools.


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Enables editors to sustainably improve SEO, grow audience, earn more revenue, and create cool content.