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Win programmatic with more revenue per pageview, code-free control over your ad experience, and clear performance insights.

Increase RPM and CPM with Organic Ads
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We increased RPM 50% in 60 days.

Within 2 months of launching Organic Ads, Speed Society built a 6-figure revenue stream.  Watch Matt Wright video interview.

We had completely de-prioritized programmatic advertising due to challenges with our previous tech provider. The Organic team came up with a thoughtful plan to address our issues and within one month we were seeing strong revenue growth, better yield, and our site performance drastically improved.
Matt Wright headshot
Matt Wright
President and Co-Founder, Speed Society

Full-featured, publisher-first programmatic advertising


Easy-to-use dashboard tracks CPM, RPM, and RPS

Grow Recurring Revenue

Maximize the value and yield of every ad placement with Organic Ads.

  • Premium demand partners
  • Multi-layered auctions with header and footer bidding
  • Partners for flighting direct deals
  • Refresh algorithms
  • Active network management and ad configuration optimization

Diagnose Opportunities with Revenue Insights

Determine which articles, content categories, demand partners, and ad placements drive the most impressions, CPMs, and total revenue. Make better, data-backed content investments and configure your optimal layout with ease.

Organic’s content reporting provides us with insights we never had before. By showing revenue earned by article, for example, we can tie our ad revenue and content strategy together, and this has become an integral part of content planning.
Tim Jacobsen headshot
Tim Jacobsen
Rotary Digital

Inform Your Content Strategy

Organic Ads integrates directly into your CMS, mapping ad revenue and impression data to individual articles, tags, and categories. That way users know to invest in the most profitable content.

Lightning-Fast Site Speed

Organic’s modern ads infrastructure has proven to provide superior page performance and site speed versus other providers, including Ezoic, Mediavine, and Freestar.
Improvement in page load speeds

Improve Ad Ops Efficiency by 30%

Intuitive ad management tools save hours of ad ops and engineering time.

  • Ad display rules by URL, category, tag, and CSS selector
  • Easy ad placement management
  • Demand partner toggles
  • Simple adjustments to ad refresh rate
  • Lazy load offsetting

When is the best time to change ad providers?

For publishers, several factors dictate whether it is time to change programmatic ad providers — the most important being performance, ad quality, payment terms, and innovation.

Expert RPM and CPM Guidance to Reach Your Potential

Our experienced Customer Success team works tirelessly to ensure optimal outcomes for publishers

Ad Configuration Optimization
Ad Configuration Optimization

We’ll design a unique ad setup that meets your site’s and business’s objectives.

Full-Service Ad Management
Full-Service Ad Management

Continuous monitoring to ensure that you are maximizing revenue, as well as site performance and user experience.

Performance Recommendations
Performance Recommendations

Get expert analysis and domain-relevant perspectives to maximize your investment with Organic Ads.

The Organic team helped us modernize and optimize our monetization technology at Popular Science. The results are clear: improved RPM and RPS for our brand, coupled with faster page-load times for our users. We now monitor PopSci's advertising KPIs directly from a single account and view these gains in action.
Adam Morath headshot
Adam Morath
General Manager, Popular Science
  • Earn 10%-30% more revenue
  • See 20%+ faster site speed

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A WordPress-based CMS with lots of unique blocks and options for SEO and affiliate marketing, plus a React/Next.js headless frontend and data and hosting services.

Programmatic and direct advertising display, configuration, and tracking.

Management of affiliate marketing links at scale, with a combined dashboard for all merchant revenue data.

Management of direct-sold campaigns, including pacing for elements like sponcon traffic, social media post views, display impressions, and dedicated newsletter opens.