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It shouldn't be this hard.
Publishing is painful

Digital publishing technology is fragmented, inefficient, and expensive. Out-of-the-box CMS’ are frustrating albatrosses, requiring engineering support that is expensive, low quality, and leaves precious data siloed and difficult to own.

Of publishers spend too much time manually processing revenue data.
The number of platforms publishers normally use.
Of publishers lose revenue due to data aggregation efforts.
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Organic's user-friendly developer infrastructure helped us implement a complete site-design overhaul in under 30 days; we immediately saw our time on site increase by more than 25 percent. Now, we rely on Organic's integrated analytics—across SEO, content management, programmatic ads, and affiliate revenue—to ensure we're making data-driven decisions that allow our business to thrive.
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Kat Craddock
CEO & Editor-in-Chief at Saveur
That's where Organic comes in.
You must be found to be seen.
Organic grows audience and traffic

The Organic CMS enhances WordPress to generate more free traffic through a variety of tools that are designed to meet the needs of both publishers and Google.

  • Lightning-fast headless frontend displays content optimally to readers and search engines

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-focused content blocks improve site crawlability and domain authority

  • Syndication controls boost referral traffic

  • Recirculation modules like infinite scroll drive more engagement per session

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Revenue streams at your fingertips.
Organic increases earnings

Products like Ads and Affiliate increase revenue while also saving time due to streamlined implementation, updating, and optimization. Choose from standard, suggested installations or go deeper with full custom controls.

  • No-code placement and bidder configurations optimize ad experience and revenue

  • Manage all affiliate links from a central location

  • Engaging product cards and carousels increase affiliate earnings and CTR

  • Cross-channel analytics monitors direct-sold advertising campaigns

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We live in a data-driven world.
Organic provides powerful, consolidated reporting

Organic Analytics consolidates traffic and revenue data across all of your pages, authors, and categories.

  • Content dashboards monitor audience and revenue by article, URL, and category

  • Author dashboards monitor audience and revenue by contributor

  • Content explorer finds content that is most ripe for an update

  • Consolidated views makes the right strategic decisions obvious

  • See top content and authors over time in terms of pageviews and revenue

Free yourself to be yourself.
Organic improves the publishing experience

The Organic CMS allows publishers to focus on what they do best: creating content experiences their audiences will love.

  • Easy-to-use, expanded WordPress-backend makes publishing painless

  • Access to 70,000+ plugins makes it simple to customize the CMS

  • Content blocks, web schema, and structured data make SEO automatic

  • 24-hour monitoring via alerts ecosystem integrating Pingdom, PagerDuty, Sentry, DataDog, and AWS Cloudwatch — publishers cam stop worrying about downtime.

WearTesters uses Organic to increase ad and affiliate revenue.

“What excites me is the freedom Organic gives me to test my own ideas of how to best balance revenue and reader experience with tools at my fingertips. As a creator and publisher, I’m very aligned with the vision of Organic”
Drew Whitcomb, Co-Founder, WearTesters
Let us take care of the (complex but) mundane.
Organic helps publishers focus on what they do best

Publishers can focus on creating experiences their audiences will love, rather than wasting time on technical stress.

  • Organic Data and Hosting allows publisher technical leads to focus on business-specific initiatives

  • 24-hour monitoring and AWS partnership means 99.999% uptime, even for sites under active, client-side development

  • Premium Support helps users make the most of their Organic usage

  • In-house expertise offers strategic advisory on content creation, affiliate marketing, and SEO

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