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Organic empowers brands, publishers, and creators of all sizes to scale their businesses through an integrated ecosystem of software solutions.

The Organic Platform simplifies content creation, distribution, monetization, and analytics so that you can focus on what matters most – your audience.

A Trusted Technology Partner

Top media brands of all sizes use Organic

A unified platform built for creators

Building and managing a media business is expensive and complex — the tech landscape is fragmented with disparate tools carrying heavy operational burdens. We are building the Organic Platform to simplify the media technology ecosystem with a powerful, integrated suite of applications across the core functional components required to operate a media business.

Our goal is simple — remove the distractions.

Developer tools and WordPress plugins for easy deployment of SDK on your site
Save hours of engineering time by making ad placement changes with the click of a button; Instill confidence and safety by blocking irrelevant ads from being placed through content metadata (URL, category, tags)
Predictive and prescriptive analytics to generate insights to optimize content strategy and increase revenue performance
Real-time dashboards and reporting provide revenue and site performance data across customizable time ranges
Integrated ad performance and content reporting provides granular insights and informs strategic decisions

Organic Ads

A differentiated programmatic advertising platform that maximizes revenue without compromising site quality

  • Revenue Growth & Enhanced Performance: Maximize ad placement yields and balance viewability, ad impressions, and market availability
  • Increased Demand & Access to Custom 3rd Party Ad Products: Increase ad slot value (Header Bidding & Open Bidding partners) and enhance overall configuration with value-added products
  • Granular Reporting & Analytics: Real-time, customizable revenue reporting and predictive analysis to enhance insights and performance
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Web-based tools to optimize ad placements and configurations, and manage bidding partners
  • Site Integrations to Improve Insights: CMS integrations to marry ad performance at the content level for enhanced reporting and analysis

Organic Campaigns

A direct advertising campaign management and reporting solution that reduces the effort required to aggregate campaign data and improves campaign performance tracking and management

  • Centralized Campaign Management: OMS and CRM integration to manage Direct Sales campaigns in one interface
  • Improved Data Visibility: Integrations across all relevant campaign channels to eliminate manual effort required to pull together reports
  • Enhanced Campaign Performance Tracking: High-level view of campaign pacing against KPIs to improve ongoing management
  • Streamlined Reporting: Preconfigured, out-of-the-box tools that create client-ready reports and campaign data visualizations
  • Optimized Team Efficiency: Self-service tools and integrated tools significantly reduce manual efforts and processes to manage direct sales programs

We’re hard at work building the nextgen platform for digital media brands and creators of all sizes. Come be a part of the journey.

Organic is launching our Seed Program, a partnership that grants interested companies early access to our in-development tools. Partners have the opportunity to test out the Organic Platform, provide feedback, and see whether these tools will make an impact on your business.

Proven, in the field

The Organic team helped us modernize and optimize our monetization technology at Popular Science. The results are clear: improved RPM and RPS for our brand, coupled with faster page-load times for our users. We now monitor PopSci’s advertising KPIs directly from a single account and view these gains in action.

Adam MorathGM, Science, Tech and Outdoors @

We were using another provider for our programmatic needs at the time, and the Organic team helped us manage a split-test to ensure they were delivering prior to us changing vendors. Incorporating lazy-loading improved our overall site performance metrics and user experience. A great partner, really .. and we are excited to explore all the other tools the team is building.

Tyler JonesFounder, howchoo

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